i turned the oven on.

It’s been awhile, mostly because I’ve been so busy doing exciting awesome things to tell you about.

But for now, I can only write about food.

I got fat.
I just love food so much! Like, really good food. I’m not a glutton, I swear… I eat fairly well, honest to gosh.
But I also love to bake. So that’s been happening, on account of my allergies of the outdoors. Yep, I turned the oven on and this is what happened:

Stella’s Birthday Cake!

Her birthday cake is comprised of two layers of chocolate cake and one middle layer of vanilla cake, both made with organic whole wheat pastry flour. Between the cakes are layers of cream cheese frosting. The top frosting layer also has fresh cut strawberries. The entire cake is coated in more cream cheese frosting while the sides are covered in mini chocolate chips. Nearly all of the ingredients are certified organic. Chocolates are FTO. (Expect any less?)
I assembled and frosted the cake then asked her what image she wanted on the top. She requested a yellow pegasus with pink hair. This was my best pegasus at the time.
She turned 5!

My mom’s birthday cake!

This cake is a German chocolate cake comprised of two layers of chocolate cake with a coconut pecan filling. The original recipe was for three layers of cake but since I only had two cake pans I just did two big layers and still ran out of filling to cover the whole cake. The side of the cake is coated in melted semi-sweet Ghiradelli chocolate. I had plenty of extra chopped pecans so I made a pecan border and pecan heart shape on top.
(I normally don’t buy pre-chopped nuts but since I’ve been on a time crunch I went for it. Also, I wish bulk departments at grocery stores at measuring spoons/cups readily available.)

A note about whole wheat pastry flour:
Often cake or other pastry recipes will call for cake flour. Unfortunately, most cake flours found in the US are chlorinated… which may result in a finer textured cake BUT may also lead to long-term health issues… because you’d be consuming bleach.
Pastry flour as a similar, low protein content to cake flour. Using whole wheat flour is a better health option as well. Since I often like to sift my dry ingredients before adding them to the wet ingredients I get this awesome result at the end of sifting:

Here you can see the bits of the whole wheat grain. I don’t for sure but I think this is the bran being sifted off the already finely sifted grain. Pretty cool, huh?

Another note, about German chocolate cake:
This cake is not a German cake. It is made with a sweet chocolate invented by a man named German… in the USofA. I learned this from the fine ladies of Cooks of Crocus Hill in Edina. Whilst searching for a new cake pan and the German chocolate necessary for the cake I spent a decent amount of time being educated by wise old baker sages. Yay! Although I was unable to locate the actual sweet German chocolate, I ended up using a 35% dark milk chocolate from Cordillera.

First, sweet sweet Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

This is my favorite recipe. I use a base banana muffin recipe (in my recipe box it is called, “The Best Banana Bread Ever”) and then add whatever else to it… usually nuts or something. I had extra chocolate chips from Stella’s birthday cake so I dumped ’em all in. Garnished with a chunk of 56% bittersweet Pure Icelandic Chocolate.
This recipe also has hemp seeds and fresh coffee grounds…among other things (SECRET INGREDIENTS!).

Bacon Cheddar Muffins

I’m on the verge of calling this a biscuit because of the crazy flour>sugar ratio. I made these last Sunday and then again yesterday (two Sundays in a row). These are great dipped in sour cream! Since my garlic powder was all stiffened up I used a couple pinches of garlic salt and a teaspoon of our garden chili powder.
The chili powder is nothing to fuck with. We dehydrated several Devil’s serrano peppers as well as some Super Chili peppers grown from the backyard. Then we ground ’em up in the Bullet and voila! Bomb-ass chili powder:

While we’re on the subject of bacon…
Baby made a fatty:
I honestly can’t tell you much about it, since I didnt make it… but I do know that it is stuffed with spinach!

Fair Food
The Minnesota State Fair happened. I stuffed myself silly.
Eaten: mini donuts, Pronto Pup, Australian Battered Potatoes, cotton candy, chocolate milkshake, sweet corn ice cream with maple butter bacon topping
Drank: one plastic bottle of water, three 20oz Summit EPAs
There might have been more that I don’t remember since it’s been a little while since the fair. Anyway, I ate so much and then rode in a car home and then threw up. So ridiculous.
Here’s that tasty sweet corn ice cream though:

And this lady:
Carving up a storm!

Victory 44
My favorite restaurant ever. Recently I got the octopus and thought it was mighty photogenic. Just as tasty as it looks!

Fruit platter for the family

When dinner time happens in our household I’m generally in charge of veggies and fruit. Since veggies were already on the grill I was asked to prep some strawberries and kiwi. So I did. 😉

Ok, one more for the road…
Produce Freaks of Nature pt. 1:
Working in the produce department of a food co-operative we often run into freaks of nature. Here’s a great example. I’m only recently starting to document them. Maybe there will be more?

You need music.
Unfortunately for you, I’ve been really into old school Mariah Carey lately.
Here are some gems:

I remember being about 14 years old and playing this song like three times in a row because I loved it that much. (I still do this to songs I instantly become REALLY into… only when I’m alone though.) Anyway, my parents asked me if there was something wrong with my boom box because it was repeating the song. I was so embarrassed.

omg. little chubby girl dancing.

They just dont make videos like this anymore. Fight scene with your dopple ganger?! hah, wow.

thanks for reading. ❤


One thought on “i turned the oven on.

  1. I had no idea you were on WP! Glad to see you’re still baking. I’ve eaten so much German chocolate over the years, I’m ashamed… well, I’m ashamed by my German Chocolate belly… but also that I never knew where the name came from. I’ve been thanking those good-for-nothing krauts this whole time.

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