i’ve totally thrown myself into Halloween-mode.
the leaves, the wind, the brisk air, the sweaters… the perfect touch.
this is my favorite time of the year!!!!!!

so i decorated.
my re-purposed flags for White Bear Lake HS grad parties/Halloween decor
i love these tiny pumpkins in the window!
welcome to our home! a giant spider haunts your face when you walk in!
this was my honey’s decor idea. zombie-anything, really. love it!
cobwebs cluttered with spiders along the fence! also, dead baby heads and body parts! also, a (living) dog with his ‘ween bandana. so festive.
he replaced the ugly bird chime. spoooooooky.
top shelf.
these are year-round decorations but are now festive! sweet.
thanks to Ax-Man for carrying these crazy stuffed animals that you can reuse after you rip its head off! special thanks to the inventor of Velcro.
stella & i carved a pumpkin! probably the girliest jack-o-lantern you’ve ever seen, right?

We’ve also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas at least three times so far. I anticipate many more times in the near future… and for the rest of the month. Maybe I’ll introduce Hocus Pocus as well.

In addition to being absolutely insane for Halloween, I’ve dismantled the many items on my big bulletin board and filled it with these instead:

Yesterday I decided I wanted to go for a nice long fall bike ride. Ya know, to get my crunch on – to the extreme. However, there were a pile of dead mice in the path to my bicycle in the garage so I ditched the idea and drove my car to the river. Do you ever go to the beach when it’s cold outside and there are yellow and orange leaves everywhere? I recommend it. (It sort of reminds me of the scenes of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Clem & Joel meet at the beach when their friends are flying that electric airplane… yeah, like that.)
Here’s what I found:
a tree trunk of magic swirls. beautiful beautiful beautiful.
a rock stack. i love rock stacks. i added to the rock stack and took a picture… glorious. collaborative efforts by several anonymous people in nature is amazing.

ok, so that’s been autumn so far.
i have to share some food with you before i go.
the other night after yoga, Lost, bacon fried rice and ice cream with Beth I came home and made myself a dessert.
(more ice cream, i know…)

So… we’ve got two scoops of Stonyfield’s After Dark Chocolate frozen yogurt, two scoops of Pumphouse Creamery’s Fair Trade Vanilla ice cream (MPLS based!), topped with toasted coconut, a few of Barsy’s Almonds (the Naughties variety)(also MPLS based!) and a side of Ines Rosales Olive Oil Torta.

i absolutely love every one of these products and will endorse them to the end of time. Please do check out Barsy’s Almonds for sure: http://www.barsys.net/about.html The Naughties are my favorite: sugar, salt, cocoa, vanilla extract, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.
And if you’ve never had an Ines Rosales torta you must definitely try one. I love the original flavor but there are also orange as well as cinnamon flavored tortas. Made in Andalucia, Spain.
All of my foods are totes natural and as sustainable as you can get (well, pretty much). My half-baked dessert was packed with outrageous flavors but was a total hit for my late-night single-spoon self behind a book.

oh, and speaking of foods, here’s a new Produce Freak of Nature:
these russet potatoes read “i love bowling” haha.

before you go, listen to this:

so i’ve been listening to a whole bunch of Rihanna lately. whatevs. this is my latest fav.

and this song. probably been in commercials or something but 1) i love ice cream and 2) i love bilingual songs.

and a festive song. i love love love this spoooooky song. 😉


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