Happy Birthday Carl!

October was just so lovely. Really, it’s my favorite month.
November has been both a shocking cold and a short-sleeve warm. I scraped my windows of the frost at 4:30AM today. Furiously! This was the most frost I’ve encountered so far this year. Then it gets to something like 50 degrees.

Oh geez. I hate it when people talk about the weather. I just did that… I do enjoy the varying months though.
What’s more boring but relevant and relatable than weather???

Halloween happened. We had a little party the weekend before the Wednesday holiday.
I got “lifted,” as they say.
Also, I made pumpkin doughnuts with a maple cinnamon glaze! YUM.

Those biscuits behind the doughnuts are the bacon cheddar biscuits that are made with our very own homemade chili powder. The biscuits accompanied the jambalaya!
and these apps…

Mmmm, this was the soppressata wrap filled with a goat cheese, chopped pine nuts, raddichio, and pepperoncini. SO yummy!

A few days ago we went to Victory 44 for breakfast, which we hardly ever do. I ordered the ouef cocotte.

If I remember correctly it was a mushroom, asparagus scramble baked and then topped with two runny eggs and a mustard sauce. I should use mustard seeds more often!

Anyway, food is just so awesome but I’ve been crafting up a storm. Or at least attempting to kickstart my butt into gear for gifts and things. Get this, I WRAPPED TWO PRESENTS ALREADY!!!!!
You can’t see them though.
So there.
However, I did have to whip out my ribbon/string collection. No matter how I’ve wrapped the gift I feel the need to tie some bows or ribbons on it somewhere. Here’s how I’ve organized the thing of string!

Ok, so it’s a little messy but there are no loose strings and long strands getting tangled! I simply took a small chunk of cardboard with enough room for two or three. Wrapped the strings around the chunk and then secure the end with a paper clip. Voila! Organized strings!

I also painted my piano bench.


Ok, the lighting in here is pretty dim but you can tell that it is a light green with yellow on the highlights/trim. So very pastel!
I also wrote myself a note on the inside.

“For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.”
A quote from Carl Sagan.

That’s all I have for today. Next time, more crafty-goodness!!!

Today I was way into this song I played it three times. Srsly.
Love Regina too!!! and Tim & Eric!!!

Absolutely my fav song of the past couple weeks. I’m diggin’ the girly 60’s sultry pop vibe going on.

Hah, a coincidental theme of “knowing” people. 🙂

thanks for reading & listening.
i love you.


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