Merry Half-Christmas and welcome back

After something like a year of visiting homes for sale all over Minneapolis, of watching listings every single day of potentials, and putting out three offers without an acceptance WE FINALLY FOUND OUR FIRST HOME! 


And lo and behold, it’s not even IN Minneapolis. Technically, it’s of Columbia Heights in Anoka County… but we won’t dwell on that fact. (I’m still a 651 anyway. And MPLS lives in my heart forever.) It is very close to Central Avenue as well as minutes from downtown and Northeast. Exactly where we need to be.

So sure, it’s a bit out there for the city life we know, but THE SPACE! 2,080 square feet on .9 acre. Let us fill this beautiful space up with babies and love and happy happy joy joy. 

We are expecting to close on the house in late July. Hopefully much sooner. I can’t wait!!!

On top of the excitement of purchasing a new home, Bob and I are also ENGAGED!
Yeah, I know. Marriage is like ‘oh, yeah, whatever and junk.’ But it’s happening and we’re doing it and it’s going to be ever so grand forever and ever.

Here’s my ring!

It’s giant piece of turquoise and it totally kicks your engagement ring’s ass.
Plus, it has this.
ImageHe got our freaking initials stamped into the ring. Honest to gosh, he’s the sweetest one hands down. I love it I love it I love it!

I know, you’re wondering… “did you set a date?!”… “have you reserved a venue?!”… “have you found a dress?!”
Well, if you’d like to and asked nicely I bet we would happily invite you over to our new home (after we are all moved in) and proudly display our wedding venue that which is the backyard. It’s huge.

Beyond those mega pieces of news there was also the rest of May and April that happened. Without an active Facebook account I’m really unsure as to who out there is interested or even interesting. Find me. Share things with me. 

We went on vacation in April! 

Las Vegas (1 night) –> drove to Three Rivers, CA Sequoia National Forest (3 nights with Brady and Jessica) —> drove to San Francisco (3 nights in Union Square) —> flew to Seattle (3 nights in downtown)





It was AWESOME! Also, it snowed in Minneapolis while we were in sunny California. HAH! 

We’ve been bowling a lot. Well, at least we had been for the previous few months. Bob and I each acquired bowling names… which you may also discover upon playing a game with us, only.
The last strip of photos above is from The Garage Bowl in Seattle. Way hot.

April went out with a bang by means of Bob’s 25th birthday. 😉 
He doesn’t like sweets but he does like a bitchin’ Boston Cream Cake.

With this cake I used three different recipes. Betty Crocker for the yellow cake. Joy of Cooking for the ganache icing. Julia Child’s Master of French Cooking for the custard. 

To die for. 

I’m also way good at leaving notes. Especially on special days.
ImageThis photo was taken at 4:30AM. 
I awoke at 3:55AM to very quietly push all my breaths into these balloons and then write these notes “IT’S YOUR DAY! ❤ ❤ <3” 

Oh yeah, duh. June.
Since I was expecting to move earlier in the calendar year I totally bypassed starting my garden up. When it became apparent that we were hanging around our current home for awhile I set up shop. 
spinach, arugula, red lettuce mix, rainbow chard, dino kale, red beets, carrots, Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes and loooots of hot peppers.
That’s not including the hops on the trellis, the raspberries along the fence and the strawberries hanging from the lilac tree.

Last year I remember the challenge of making garden markers that would last all season. I know, they really don’t NEED to last all season because once you have dino kale you dont really need the marker to tell you so.
Screw it, I made some anyway.


ImageIt’s true, that I don’t use my wood burning tool (pyrographer) often enough. In this case, I burned the words of vegetables onto shims and split stakes. 

However their beauty, the damn dog couldn’t help himself. I put up a fence and then put the fence again and still he climbed in (somehow!) and chewed a good portion of those beautiful garden markers to toothpicks. Wicked bummed.

Also in June, Mickey and Kris got married! 
So so so lovely was that wedding. (I frickin’ cried.)
Bob was the groomsman. The people sitting behind us told me he is very handsome. SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!
I made them a card in an envelope.

They’re so great.

At this time I’m watching The Colbert Report and thinking of our new home. I can’t wait to share it with you! There is so much more to come. Please keep in touch and we will share our love and generosity in the next home! 

Here’s music.
The Virgins – Impressions of You
Kinda got this surf-pop thing going on that makes you want to smile and sigh at the same time. Great summer song!

Savages – Husbands
This song is rad! Reminds me of Patti Smith. Also, I’m going to have a husband!

The Pixies – Caribou
Several weeks ago Bob and I stayed up late and watched YouTube videos of our favorite 90’s rock songs. Soundgarden, Possum Kingdom, etc… The Pixies. The Pixies oddly enough have a lack of actual music videos. What a bummer!
Annnnnd, I actually like this cover of Caribou more than its original. Not as hard but more spacey. I like that.



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