autumnal transistions


Harvest time!

Garden hot peppers galore!!!
In this year’s batch:
Inca Red Drop
Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T
Devil’s Serrano
Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Jolokia
and another type of jolokia that was never labelled.

hey’ve all now been dehydrated and tomorrow they will become ground up hot spice!

Other lovely garden harvests from the old home:
a sack of carrots. Baby purple carrots! There were also several orange ones and a few small beets.

I had to harvest early this year because we moved out of that property. Next year, the new garden will be so mega huge and I don’t even know what to do with myself yet.

Without garden harvesting, I’ve been sampling bits from some of the local farms.
With celery root and greens, plus a few red potatoes and sunchokes, I made a root mash!
Add some butter/yogurt/cream… some herbs… and it’s deeelicious!

Besides the treats, we’ve been mighty busy setting up our new home for ultimate satisfaction… and for winter.
The first week included tearing out carpet (three rooms plus the staircase), refinishing the hardwood floors, adding a section of hardwood to the 3 season porch and painting (three rooms plus the living room and hallway). THEN we moved in!

After the initial major projects came more projects… and some craft projects… and some projects we hired out for… and some projects that required professional installations.
I mean, check out the state of our 3 season porch now.

AFTER (currently)

Hot damn! We got a keg fridge and a gas stove!!!
Bob is awesome and repurposed our old kitchen shelves into a bar table under the west windows (right side of pic). There are a couple of bar stools in there now that you can’t see. This week we’ll have picture windows installed on the deck side. PARTY ROOM HOLLA.

Speaking of party rooms, at this time we made a pass-through room downstairs into a playroom for Stella and also a music room for Bob’s equipment. I thought, what is a playroom without a crafting desk/table to play on? I found this gem at Flamingo’s Divine Finds, then added World Market drawer knobs.
bird, elephant, owl.
and also put in some totally hip gray chevron contact paper…

The room also includes a cube shelf for toys and craft supplies as well as a cozy corner nook made of an old duvet, pillows, and stuffed animals. It’s a hit! Well, quite honestly the junior drum set is more of a hit.

Have I mentioned that we have almost an acre of property to play with? We do outdoor things too…
As an ode to our professions, or more likely the quick and cheap way of building a fence, we used “repurposed” pallets.
The first draft was okay and our good friend Bryan came around and made it into the real deal. It still needs a paint job but I gotta admit, it’s kinda awesome.
Also, there were exactly four pallets leftover that I used to make a compost box in the woods. Bob fashioned an incredible door onto it. Pics to come.

The yard was littered with things when we moved in. Birdhouses, bird feeders, statues, frilly marble things, and lots and lots of brick. So I built a fire pit!
This was a bit harder than I thought it would be. I mean, making a circle hole and lining it with rectangular bricks… wasn’t adding up right. Bryan also graciously brought us fire brick which I used to line the bottom and sides of the pit. There were many red bricks laying around that I used for a transitional layer between the fire brick and the stones on top. With a few random benches in the yard (I know, so many useful leftovers) this is a beautiful (muddy) completed fire pit.

Every day we have projects and things to share with each other and our dear friends from and within our new home. Only almost two months in and we’ve accomplished so much. I’m incredibly proud of our little family and hope to let it grow and be ever nourished within these walls. We’re mighty busy but I do quite like sharing our new found hobby of homesteading here with you.

But before you go, listen to music.

Braids – Native Speaker
This album is on heavy rotation right now. Beautiful, serene, silly, playful, moving.

Wavves – Dog
I’m digging this band. Kinda pop, punk, grunge, beachy… but modern, catchy. It’s got a great 90’s bass and vocals. Love it.


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