paint house.

Time for another edition of stylish house updates! Woo!

In all honesty, I never knew laundry rooms could be so fancy until Pinterest came around. Nautical themed laundry rooms, floral themed laundry rooms, navy blue only laundry rooms, etc! Our new laundry room has some mighty outdated appliances. They work semi-okay but will have to be replaced in the next few years. There is plenty of cupboard space, however I’m more of a shelves kinda girl. I’ll work with it. First things first, color splash overhaul…

IMG_2474The florescent lights in this room are not keen on photographs. I purchased a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. The stacked stone decals on the washing machine were leftover from our bedroom stones, a gift. This color needs to be elsewhere in the room. A work in progress, of course. In any case, I love it and it makes doing the laundry not such a chore.

My darling also did some painting. I wonder if we’ll regret our color choices down the road. We’re flipping this white/tan house into bold colors.
IMG_2520So you don’t really get the feel for the room in the first pic without the total uggo wall. You can see there are dividing vertical strips on the wall that I wanted to accentuate. The carpet in the living room is fooouul. We can’t seem to get the cat piss out, i guess. The red rug in the middle helps!

In addition to this room getting spruced up and more comfy for us we had to add some window treatment.
IMG_2512IMG_2513How awesome is this?! An old school map from a 3rd grade classroom. I was on a mad search for one of these. I went to one of my favorite antique shops, Hunt & Gather, but alas, I couldn’t find just the right one for the right price. This one was $100 on Craigslist. (I had to drive to Hudson but it warranted an ice cream cone at DQ.)
Also note that lamps on either side of the couch. These were kinda shabby brass lamps. Their shades could use some updating but with a bit of red spray paint I brought them back to this decade. Pretty hot.

We’re also in the process of replacing the outdated light fixtures in the house. Srsly. Some of these things were soooo ugly. (Yet, I made some cash off the old ones on Craigslist. I know, I’m addicted.)
Here’s the first:
IMG_2527This is in the foyer over the landing. It’s modern yet soft and interesting. The metal straps move around for a custom look. This site has some killer chandeliers if you’re looking for something totally happenin’. See the little ghost chillin’ on the ledge? Yep. It’s Halloween in this house!!!

Stay tuned for Halloween decor. It’s spook your face off.

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Back To The Stars
This song is so pretty. The lyrics are all so dreamy. I recently heard it for the first time on Radio K. That station is THE BEST for killer music. It’s so good I recently became a member (and downgraded my MPR membership). Support awesome music and local arts!


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